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Director Finances Project Update Create Teams Module

Director Finances Project Update – Create Teams Module

As part of the Director Finances Project there are multiple components that have to be rebuilt to support the change in processes.  One of these tools is the Create Teams Module and the Import Teams Module.
These two modules have been rewritten to provide a new interface with enhanced tools to increase efficiency below you will find information regarding these tools.
To Create Teams, you will need to go to and it can be found under the [Team Mgmt] menu.
Create Teams (Traditional Type In Mechanism)
To Create Teams, pull up the Create Teams tab and begin to type in the data on the table.  There have been a few new features included on this module:
  • MANAGER ID:  A field has been added for Manager ID.  In the event you know the Manager ID, you can insert it into this field and the system will automatically populate all data from that Manager, and not require you to type it all in.
  • COPY DOWN BUTTON:  The buttons beside each field allow the user to copy data down from that point.  In the event you have a long series of the same data, it will allow you to copy down the rows from that point on (old system only allowed copy first row).
Import Teams
To Import Teams from a template, complete your import template first and then go to the Import Teams tab to import the data.  Below you will find some instructions as to how to import teams into this system.  ​


Download the new template from the Dir Tools menu or there is a link on the Import Teams page.

Instructions for Completing the Data on the Template
Step 1: Select the Sport from the Blue bar at the top to begin. This will set-up all of the features on the template

Step 2: Complete Team Information on Template

  • Select the Age/Class from the dropdown
  • Must choose a Team State
  • Must choose a Team County (Must choose State First)
  • Phone Number Format: 5554445555 (Dashes are not included)
  • **NEW** You can now insert the Manager ID (if they are an existing manager) on this sheet and the system will automatically pull the information for the manager
    • If you use Manager ID, leave the remainder of the Manager Information blank, it will be automatically populated.
    • If you choose to fill in the Manager Information, you will leave the Manager ID Blank

Step 3: Save Template

Instructions for Importing the Data
Step 1: Click on Import Teams Tab

Step 2: Choose Sport

Step 3: Click on “Choose File” and locate the saved template you wish to upload.

Step 4: Click [Upload File]

Once this has been done, the process will populate the “Create Teams” tab with all of the information you just imported.

  • If any lines are RED that means that there is incorrect data included in the import and you much address that entry before the upload can commence.
  • If you need to adjust anything, you can make adjustments here before saving the teams.
  • Once all edits are complete, click on [Save] button on that page and it will import all teams.
Future Additions and Tools Coming for this Module
In the coming weeks, there will be additional tools and features added to this module.
  • Pay at the time of Creating Teams:  Directors will be able to pay immediately for teams created via credit card.    ​
  • Save multiple uploads and complete and Pay simultaneously:  Create multiple uploads on the system (for example for different leagues), save them to your cart, and make one payment for all transactions at once.

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