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Return to Play Guidelines

USSSA Directors,

On Friday May 1st, USSSA released the return to play guidelines, procedures and recommendations for all sports and directors. Please visit; to understand what is required from directors, leagues, tournaments and events.


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2020 Youth Sports Season Extended to Aug. 31

To: USSSA State Directors

Subject: 2020 Youth Sports Season Extended to Aug. 31

We hope all is well with the entire USSSA membership, considering these extraordinary circumstances, and that you are staying safe and healthy.  Everyone has had to make adjustments recently.  Please know we are hard at work here at the USSSA National Office, so we will be ready to kick-start all operations and events once we are assured the coast is clear to return to everyday life.

2020 Season Extended

After lengthy consideration, the USSSA National Office has decided to extend the 2020 season for all USSSA youth sports that have an original season end date of July 31, 2020.  We are extending this season by one month, through Aug. 31, 2020.  This will give every team as many as five extra weekends in August to still fit in events as part of the 2020 season.

USSSA State Directors all over America are beginning to add August events to their 2020 schedules, where possible.  Event opportunities may vary by locality, based on variables such as facility availability, and all decisions to add events rest with the local Directors, who individually must weigh their local options regarding more events.  Please know that everyone is working hard to explore additional event opportunities and secure the facilities needed to bring back the crack of the bat and the pop of the glove across this great country of ours.

Also important to know:

  • The process for teams to register for events remains unchanged, and all events in August 2020 now will be considered part of the ’20 season.
  • The 2021 season for USSSA youth sports is now scheduled to begin on Sept. 1, 2020.
  • With the one-month shift in the 2020 season, player age requirements also have shifted by one month.  Any player who would have aged up on Aug. 1 will now age up instead on Sept. 1 and will remain eligible to play at the age you are playing today.
  • Please Note: Soccer is also allowing an extended season for it’s member leagues, clubs and teams. Due to USSSA’s affiliation with the U.S. Soccer Federation, our soccer members should follow the steps and procedures in the message sent earlier today and posted at;

Team Insurance Also Extended

Also in conjunction with the extension of the 2020 youth sports season by one month, USSSA team insurance is being extended for one month – until 12:01 a.m. on 9/1/2020.  For any team with a current USSSA Team Insurance expiration date of 8/1/2020, the expiration date for that coverage is being revised to 9/1/2020 and no premium will be charged for the month of August 2020.  Your team certificate will be updated automatically and available on your Team Management page at

If you have any questions about any of the above developments, please contact your Director.

Again, everyone please stay healthy and safe.  We all cannot wait to take the field again.  And when the time comes, let’s all be ready.

Take care,

Donny DeDonatis III
Chief Executive Officer

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USSSA Event Sanctioning Temporarily Suspended




5800 Stadium Pkwy
Viera, FL 32940

To: USSSA Membership
Subject: USSSA Event Sanctioning Temporarily Suspended
In light of the most-recent federal recommendations regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), USSSA has made the difficult decision to suspend the sanctioning of events in the United States and Canada until further notice.
Effective tomorrow, March 18, 2020, at 5 p.m. EDT, USSSA’s revised sanctioning policy will take effect. At that point, in accordance with USSSA’s bylaws, no events will be sanctioned until further notice. This is for the health and safety of our players and our tournament personnel.
USSSA will evaluate this decision weekly and determinations of when to resume sanctioning in each area of the country will be made in conjunction with state directors and their local government agencies.
During this time, we ask our membership to exercise patience and understanding as each of our directors works diligently to administer this policy and coordinate rescheduling efforts at the local level. Please remember that all of our state directors are independent small businesses. As dedicated leaders with intense passion for the sports we all love, they can appreciate the impact this decision will have as much as anyone else.
In the meantime, USSSA will continue to monitor the rapidly evolving coronavirus situation. Should the guidance change, we will take appropriate action and notify our membership immediately of any further sanctioning adjustments.
Should you have any questions regarding an event in which you are registered to participate, please contact the event director or your state director for information on possible cancellation or rescheduling that could affect your team.
We look forward to facilitating the return of sanctioned competition for all as soon as possible.
Please take care,
Donny DeDonatis III
Chief Executive Officer




5800 Stadium Pkwy
Melbourne, FL 32940


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Manual Registrations

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Thursday, January 9th 2020
Manual Team Registrations –
We will be turning the manual Team Registration component on DC2 today for directors. 
Adult Sport Manual Registrations
This process will continue exactly as it was previously.
Youth Sport Manual Registrations​
For all youth teams created through this portal (manually entered or uploaded via Excel sheet) the current process is that they will be required to verify their background status in the same manner as all other new teams created.
Once the upload process is completed, the team and manager information will be stored.  A check will be done to determine if the manager has submitted this information previously.
The Manager has NOT verified previously.  What happens now?
In this instance, the Manager will be sent an email with their username and password.  It is critical that the email entered at the time of registration is accurate and will reach the user.  The manager will be asked to log-on to their account and provide the verification check. 
Here is what the manager will see at the time of log-in:
Once the manager updates the verification, their teams will appear in the management section, thereby completing their registration.  The teams will be available for insurance, roster management, and event entry.

The Manager HAS verified previously.  What happens now?
In this instance, the team(s) will be created and available immediately for usage. 
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Memorandum on Statement of Billing

From:   Brian Wegman, USSSA VP Sport Development and Strategy

USSSA National Headquarters has been working diligently on the evolution of director processes to improve both efficiency and transparency between the director and USSSA HQ.  A big part of this transparency and efficiency lies within the Director Dashboard.  The Director Dashboard will be a multi-phase roll-out with the first phase geared towards director billing based on the actual data collected.  Through the director-billing tool, USSSA HQ Accounting will begin to implement the improved billing process on March 18, 2019.  The initial Statement of Billing will reflect the balance on your Director Dashboard as of March 15, 2019.  Please take the next two weeks to review your Director Dashboard using the following criteria:

  • Address any line item disputes found on Director Dashboard
    • Follow-up on any unresolved disputes

Next Phase:

The procedure for State Director Billing will be as follows:

  • Directors will receive Statement of Billing on 16th day of the month
    • The statement will correlate to the Director Dashboard balance at close of business on  the 15th day of the month
    • Payment Methods:
      • Credit card, Check and ACH request
      • Credit Memo request moved from Director Payout

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.  Ultimately, the evolution of the Director Dashboard will help in servicing our directors at every level of the Association.  The director-billing tool is a necessary step in creating transparency and clarity in director related accounting processes. 

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**UPDATE DC2 Create Teams Error UPDATE**

An update has been made for DC2 Create Team to currently function.

Some users will see this update immediately, but may take up to 11 pm EST tonight before the update goes into effect.

If the process still shows a “blank” image after clicking save, please shut down and restart your computer and you may be able to process the update immediately by doing that.

There could be some additional issues in saving a credit card to your account if not already done.  This issue is still being looked at.


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USSSA Brand Guide

USSSA Brand Guide

DC2 Dashboard Articles Director Finances Help

Director Finance Dashboard Released

A new Director Finance Dashboard has been launched on  This Dashboard is where you will view and track all of your financial transactions with the National Office.
This tool will be found under [Financial Mgmt] on the DC2 menu.  It is called “Director Finance Dashboard”.  It can also be found at this URL:
The primary focus of this tool is to transition from an invoicing system of tracking to a real-time transaction management tool. This feature allows all transactions to be compiled in one location.  Allowing a director to have one balance with USSSA and manage all transactions within this singular tool.
To accomplish this, every transaction that can occur involving a director is collected into one dashboard.  The result of this is a running balance that will give directors an up-to-date balance of what is either owed to them from HQ or they owe HQ.
Items Included:
  • Team Registrations
  • Officials Registrations
  • Event Sanction Fees
  • Insurance Purchases
  • Payment to and from USSSA HQ
  • Miscellaneous charges and adjustments
Help Docs/Videos
Help Document
This document has details including descriptions and definitions of all components and variables.
Help Videos
On the Director Finance Dashboard, there is a tab for “Help/Information”  this is where you will find information regarding these systems.  You can visit that any time to watch videos or access the document posted above.  Videos include the following topics:
  • Overview
  • Search Parameters
  • Sub-Directors
  • Detail
  • Dispute Transactions
  • Make a Payment
  • Request a Payment
Please be sure to watch these videos and read through all materials when you begin.
Local/Area/Tournament Directors
For Local/Area/Tournament Directors, this tool will not include anything that you are billed from a State Director/Regional Money Person.  For those transactions you will be responsible to them for items billed.
Verifying Transactions/Dispute Transactions & Problems/Questions
As a director be sure to go through this transaction history thoroughly and verify that the transactions listed to your account are accurate.  If there are discrepancies in your transactions, there is a button that you can push to detail the discrepancy and will communicate to HQ regarding this particular issue.
For anything not handled through the Dispute Resolution tool or for general inquiries, there will be a feedback button on the top left of the screen that says “Daily Trans Feedback/Support”.  Please post all inquiries in there so we have a way to organize and communicate issues and solutions back to you.
USSSA Programming Team
DC2 Dashboard Articles Director Finances Help

Director Finances Project Update Create Teams Module

Director Finances Project Update – Create Teams Module

As part of the Director Finances Project there are multiple components that have to be rebuilt to support the change in processes.  One of these tools is the Create Teams Module and the Import Teams Module.
These two modules have been rewritten to provide a new interface with enhanced tools to increase efficiency below you will find information regarding these tools.
To Create Teams, you will need to go to and it can be found under the [Team Mgmt] menu.
Create Teams (Traditional Type In Mechanism)
To Create Teams, pull up the Create Teams tab and begin to type in the data on the table.  There have been a few new features included on this module:
  • MANAGER ID:  A field has been added for Manager ID.  In the event you know the Manager ID, you can insert it into this field and the system will automatically populate all data from that Manager, and not require you to type it all in.
  • COPY DOWN BUTTON:  The buttons beside each field allow the user to copy data down from that point.  In the event you have a long series of the same data, it will allow you to copy down the rows from that point on (old system only allowed copy first row).
Import Teams
To Import Teams from a template, complete your import template first and then go to the Import Teams tab to import the data.  Below you will find some instructions as to how to import teams into this system.  ​


Download the new template from the Dir Tools menu or there is a link on the Import Teams page.

Instructions for Completing the Data on the Template
Step 1: Select the Sport from the Blue bar at the top to begin. This will set-up all of the features on the template

Step 2: Complete Team Information on Template

  • Select the Age/Class from the dropdown
  • Must choose a Team State
  • Must choose a Team County (Must choose State First)
  • Phone Number Format: 5554445555 (Dashes are not included)
  • **NEW** You can now insert the Manager ID (if they are an existing manager) on this sheet and the system will automatically pull the information for the manager
    • If you use Manager ID, leave the remainder of the Manager Information blank, it will be automatically populated.
    • If you choose to fill in the Manager Information, you will leave the Manager ID Blank

Step 3: Save Template

Instructions for Importing the Data
Step 1: Click on Import Teams Tab

Step 2: Choose Sport

Step 3: Click on “Choose File” and locate the saved template you wish to upload.

Step 4: Click [Upload File]

Once this has been done, the process will populate the “Create Teams” tab with all of the information you just imported.

  • If any lines are RED that means that there is incorrect data included in the import and you much address that entry before the upload can commence.
  • If you need to adjust anything, you can make adjustments here before saving the teams.
  • Once all edits are complete, click on [Save] button on that page and it will import all teams.
Future Additions and Tools Coming for this Module
In the coming weeks, there will be additional tools and features added to this module.
  • Pay at the time of Creating Teams:  Directors will be able to pay immediately for teams created via credit card.    ​
  • Save multiple uploads and complete and Pay simultaneously:  Create multiple uploads on the system (for example for different leagues), save them to your cart, and make one payment for all transactions at once.
DC2 Dashboard Articles Director Finances Help

Director Finances Daily Transactions Project

Just a quick update on the Director Finances Project for everyone. This project will begin public testing very shortly, but this update is to give you a little background and insight into what will be going into this first release.

Primary Focus:  Transition from an invoicing system of tracking to a real-time transaction management tool.  This feature allows all transactions to be compiled in one location allowing a director to have one balance with USSSA and manage all transactions within this singular tool.

Items Included:

  • Team Registrations
  • Officials Registrations
  • Event Sanction Fees
  • Insurance Purchases
  • Payment to and from USSSA HQ
  • Miscellaneous charges and adjustments

Processes Included:

  • Request Payouts from HQ
  • Make Payments on outstanding balances
  • View, Track, and Export transactions
  • See detail and information on every transaction
  • Follow along in real-time for all transactions
  • Create Reports and track transaction processes

New Features to for this project

  • New Team Registration with a new import procedure
  • Update Officials Management tools and new processes for tracking officials
  • Designated person responsible for Officials as a Region Money Person
  • Director Shopping Cart
    • Allows you to pay balances via Credit Card
    • Can now pay for transactions (Team/Officials Registrations, or Insurance Purchases) at the time of the transaction
    • Create teams and save them for later
  • New Director Permissions to make managing your clearances and tasks easier