USSSA.GotSport Director Center

USSSA/GotSport Director Information Center

This page will be a resource for all information for the USSSA GotSport transition.  Below you will find several resources, please read through all documentation and set-up help before reaching out for assistance.

Primary Resources


Phase 1

Phase 1 is about the set-up and creation of the basics of your account.

  • User Account:
    • Log-in with Lost Password (we cannot retrieve your password, they are encrypted for security)
    • Update your information
    • Complete your required forms
    • Complete your background check
  • Organization
    • Update your Organization information (view link above)
    • Add internal staff members to your organization

Phase 2

Phase 2 is about Event Creation.  At launch there are several features that are still being constructed so much of this may seem choppy or incomplete.  There are steps that will update many of these processes that will be updated before the 8/1 launch.  Work through the process and read the tutorials.

Webinars & Training Videos

Documents, Emails, Materials

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Conceptual Talking Points
  • “Competitions” – This is a folder that will hold all the information for the event you are setting up. This folder will store events year to year. For example, if you have a Memorial Day event each season’s event will be stored in the same competition folder.
  • “Clubs” – Clubs are not active in the system currently for our users.  So by default the “club” for every team and user is USSSA HQ.  When we activate this feature for teams, this will change to their Club and will provide them with a fully integrated management suite that they can handle their entire club business from Tryout Registrations, to club payments, and full roster management.
  • “Venues” – Venues management works in a different manner on GotSport.  As a Director Organization, you add all of the Venues that you might possibly use from the Venues tab.  These venues are then added to your events and managed in the Scheduling system (to be released as of 7/5/21).
  • “Programs” – Programs are individual events that can allow for singular person registration.  This can be used for All-State Showcase, Camps/Clinics, Leagues, etc.
  • Coach Background Checks – Any coach that has cleared a background check for the 2021 season AFTER May 1, that background check can be used for the 2022 season.  Here are the steps for this to happen:
    • Coach needs to create their new account in GotSport
    • Complete Season Membership in the GotSport portal
    • User initiate the Background check process stopping at the payment area
    • Email Safesport with name and email to apply the change