USSSA / Got Sport FAQ


USSSA / GotSport FAQ
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Q: Why did we choose to partner with GotSport and what is their history?  

A: GotSport has over 20 years of history of building and providing Association, Tournament, League and Team Management software.  Annually, GotSport supports more than 30 Associations, 600 Leagues, 1,000 Clubs and nearly 2,000 Tournaments.  Additionally, GotSport operates in 30 countries worldwide and schedules 67 professional leagues. 


Q:  When will this software begin being used?  Will I use it for anything THIS SEASON? 

A:  This software will be used beginning with the 2022 season (8/1/21 for youth sports, 1/1/22 for adult sports).   All of the current season will remain on the website.  This will require you to work in both systems from launch through end of the current season. 


Q:  Will the launch of this new system change any of the tools and functions we currently have in our system? 

A:  The launch of the new system will not change or interfere with the current software.  That software will be used through the end of this season and will cease to be used. 


Q: Will information for the new system be shared to the DC system while they are both in operation?  

A:  It will not, the two systems are completely independent of one another.   


Q:  When will this software be available for usage?  What is the timeline for release? 

A:  There will be a phase launch of this software to public users (managers, guardians, players) and directors.  There will be separate phase dates for youth and adult sports.  Here is the basic layout of the phases for youth sports. 

Director Path 

  • Phase 1:  April 15, 2021 
    • RMP, Directory account retrieval 
    • Update account information and complete requirements 
    • Create Organization (ex. tournament company) 
    • Add organization staffing and set role 
    • Background check completion (all Directors) 
  • Phase 2: May 15, 2021 
    • Event Creation 
  • Phase 3: June 15, 2021 
    • Open Events for Registration 
      • Entry Management 
      • Event Approval  
    • Event Management 
    • Event Sanctioning 


Public User Path 

  • Phase 1:  May 1, 2021 
    • Coach creates user account 
    • Guardians create user account and all player accounts 
    • Sign up for season membership 
    • Youth coaches complete background check process for 2022 season 
    • Create and register team for 2022 season 
    • Purchase team insurance 
  • Phase 2: June 1, 2021 
    • Create Roster 
    • Roster Management 
  • Phase 3: June 15, 2021 
    • Enter Events  
    • Guest Player Management 
    • Club Management Features 



Q:  We have had a lot of issues with duplicate player accounts over the years and now duplicate manager accounts with the coaches begin added onto teams this year.  Will this software have the same issues or is there a solution? 

A: The ISTS/DC software is a Manager controlled system that requires one person to create accounts and enter data for other users.  This is the primary error in all of our data, because the user most responsible for the information (assistant coaches, guardian, players) are not responsible for the input of their own data and are not required to validate or make updates.  The GotSport system is a User based system that will provide a pathway for all Users (coaches, guardian, players, etc.) to input their own data and control their own accounts.  Workflows will exist to keep the roster process with verifications in place to keep a similar process in that regards to our current systems. 


Q: What type of security are on the user accounts?  Will there still be different accounts for every different role? 

A:  The GotSport system uses a secure one-way hashing algorithm to secure all user credentials, so passwords can never be viewed by anyone.  

All user accounts are single sign-on.  You may be granted more than one role (manager, guardian, player, director, official) and you may work with more than one organization, but you will use a single login to access everything within your account.  

Your primary email address is your login and can be used to reset your password if forgotten. In the event that you can no longer access your email for a password reset, you will need to contact support for assistance. 


Q: What will happen to the old data of events, teams, and player history? 

A: We will still have this data and have access to it for our use.  We will be able to display and retrieve this data.  


Q:  Will this software allow us to take registrations for individual events like camp, clinics, and All-State Showcase? 

A:  Yes, this software has the capability to allow you to create “Programs” that can accept individual user registrations.  After you have collected registrations, it will allow you to add those registrations to teams.  This functionality will be applicable to All-State Showcases, Leagues, and is the basis for the Club Management tools that are included in this software.  One example for clubs would be registering for tryouts. 


Q: Will the GotSport system have more reports and analytics included in our dashboard? 

A: GotSport will provide USSSA cutting edge analytical tools!  USSSA will have access to the GotAnalytics Dashboard where you will be able to gain valuable insights about your past and present players and teams.  This data will help USSSA identify opportunities and challenges and identify areas where you can do better and excel.  The data that will become available to USSSA will help to create targeted campaigns that will increase new membership and improve retention. 


Q: What kind of training and who will be providing it for this new software?  

A: GotSport has a fully staffed support department.  There will be an On-Boarding Portal set-up and shared with Users (Managers, Guardians, Players) and a separate portal for Directors.  This portal will house how-to documents and videos to guide users through the process of setting up everything.  Additionally, GotSport will have phone, email and live chat support all users and schedule 1 on 1 training support for Directors. 


Q: After the software is in use, who will users contact for help and support?  

A: GotSport has a fully staffed Support department that will be available for users or directors to contact regarding questions about the software.  For questions regarding the sports or USSSA specific inquiries, those will still be addressed by our support office at USSSA.  But for any software related questions, GotSport will provide all support.  GotSport also provides an online platform for questions, chat, articles, and how-to videos related to the software.    


Q: I have heard “document storage” as a term, what does that mean? 

A: The GotSport system allows users to upload necessary documents, including legal identification documents like birth certificates, driver’s licenses, or passports.  This secure storage system allows access to this documentation by only specified users.  Additionally, any further documents that are asked for and needed can be implemented and stored in this system as well.  This would include Director Agreements, Waivers, and any other designated forms that HQ, State Offices, Clubs, or Teams require for registration or completion. 


Q: As a State Director, can I edit the permissions of my Area Directors to access specific items? 

A: Yes, with the Organizational hierarchy of this software, you can determine and set the permission levels of any individual that is UNDER your level, in your area.  This includes staff within your organization/tournament company or additional Directors/organizations that are under your clearance in your area. 


Q: Which directors will be required to have a background check in this system? 

A:  Any user that gains access to this system will be required to complete a background check through our online system.  Any user that has access should have their own log-in, as shared log-ins and will be limited. Additionally, all users will be required to agree to waivers, and applicable director agreements.    


Q: Will State Directors be required to approve events for local or area directors? 

A: Yes, the organizational structure and hierarchy in our USSSA programs will remain intact.  Event approval will still be required for events to display online for entries. 


Q: Is this an app or a mobile friendly website? 

A:  This website is 100% mobile friendly and is designed to function and operate first as a mobile application. 





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