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Event creation is now available for directors to get into the system and start creating their events.  Below is a focused approach to creating an event with a focus on the things that are most important and what their application is.
Here are the links that you will find most critical for the on-boarding:

Event Creation To-Do’s

Event Creation To-Do’s
  1. Create Competitions
    • HELPDOC Competition Article: CLICK HERE
    • Competition: This is a folder that will hold all the information for the event you are setting up. This folder will store events year to year. For example, if you have a Memorial Day event each season’s event will be stored in the same competition folder.
  2. Create Event (Initial Pop-up – First Step of Creation)
    • HELPDOC Event Article: CLICK HERE (Start on step 5)
    • Seasonal year = 21/22 (Season that begins 8/1/2021)
    • Age Method: Choose calendar year; no effect on anything if you change it
    • Choose ALL dates that event will occur
    • Stature
      • Choose appropriate stature from the available list.
      • If the stature needed is not available, refer to State Director or HQ to edit to the appropriate level.
      • Stature is editable UNTIL the event starts. BE SURE THIS IS CORRECT when you set-up the event.
  3. Add Divisions
    • HELPDOC Creating Divisions Article: CLICK HERE (Start on step 7)
    • Create your first division, completing all information.  After you make your first, use the table to adjust and quickly add each additional division needed.
      • Event/Gate/Other Pricing created on each division
        • What is entered IS the publicly visible price.  This is what the public will pay when they pay for an event online.
        • When requesting a payout, USSSA will take 5% of the amount paid by the public user as has been the case.
        • As a director, please be sure to adjust your fees to include that 5% processing fee.
  4. Adding Detail to an Event
    •  HELPDOC for Adding Detail Article: CLICK HERE
    • Complete EVERYTHING
      • Address box at the bottom is critical to search display for events
      • Comment boxes can be built with information, images, tables, etc. (HTML source code is not permitted for security reasons)
    • Review articles for additional tools and resources for your event
  5. Setting up your event payment requirements
    • When creating your events, you can set the payment process with multiple configurations.  See the image below to see the possible options for configuration.
Possible Configurations and Required Set-ups
  • Require Payment at Entry
    • Allow Credit Cards: Yes
    • Accept Check Money Order Payments: No
    • Yes, Charge the credit card when someone initially enters: Yes
    • Active: Yes
  • Allow Entry No Payment Required
    • Allow Credit Cards: Yes
    • Accept Check Money Order Payments: Yes
    • Yes, Charge the credit card when someone initially enters: Yes
    • Active: Yes
  • Allow Entry with no Payment but Require Credit Card to Hold spot
    • Additional Information on this Process
      • This process works in conjunction with Entry Status
      • Team enters credit card, it is not charged until you set their status to Accepted
    • Allow Credit Cards: Yes
    • Accept Check Money Order Payments: No
    • Yes, Charge the credit card when someone initially enters: No
    • Active: Yes
  1. Adding Venues
    • HELPDOC for Adding Venues: CLICK HERE
    • The process for venues on an event in GotSport is this:
      • Add Venues to your organization
      • All Venues on your organization will be added to the events you create
      • User can remove or deactivate venues not needed for that particular event
  2. Activating Registration for an Event
    • HELPDOC for Activating your Registration: CLICK HERE
    • This will open registration to teams
    • Generates an event link for your Registration page of that event
  3. State Director/RMP Event Approval and Review
    • HELPDOC for Approving Divisions: CLICK HERE
    • On your Region Organization
    • View on Region tab, select Events.  On the list of Events, click on the Divisions and approve the divisions for the event.
Thank you and if you have any questions, please go through the on-boarding site to see if there is a help doc, but also ask questions through our email box and we will reach out with assistance.  If you need further assistance we can schedule a call with you to walk through it.


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