USSSA / GotSport – Director Phase 1 To-Do



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If you have received this and are a USSSA director in a sport other than the ones above, we do apologize, I have tried to remove those individuals from this email.  Please delete and disregard unless you are involved in one of these sports.
Our on-boarding to the GotSport platform for the 2022 season is a phased approach designed to give you an opportunity to digest portions of the website incrementally.  Provided with this approach is an on-boarding website complete with documentation and videos of how to accomplish each step along the way.
Phase 1 is currently open and available for directors to get themselves into the system and get trained before our Public User Phase 1 launch on May 3.
Here are the links that you will find most critical for the on-boarding:

Here are you Phase 1 To-Do’s

Phase 1 To-Dos
  1. RMP, Director account retrieval
  2. Update User account information and complete requirements
    • HELPDOC for Updating Information and Photo:  CLICK HERE
    • Correct Name to eliminate extra characters, etc. (BJ Larson – IA FP to just BJ Larson)
    • Upload a Photo
    • Username/Email MUST remain your @usssa, @gslslowpitch, or @usaeliteselect email address.  Any edits will be reset.
  3. Access and Complete Required Forms from your User Dashboard
    • HELPDOC for Locating Required Form:  CLICK HERE
    • Complete W9
    • Complete ACH Form
    • Complete Director Agreement
    • Complete Participation Waiver
    • COMING SOON:  Background check completion
  4. Update Organization(s)
    • Add Organization Logo (found on settings tab)
    • Add organization staffing and set role for additional people (company staff)
    • Update Organization Name
      • Currently shows a “Director <First Name> <Last Name>
      • To change to your Company Name, email with the current name and the desired name you would like to change it to.
Reminder that Phase 2 begin on May 15, 2021  All of this information will need to be completed before you can access all of the Phase 2 activities.  These main action in Phase 2 will be EVENT CREATION.



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