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System Updates and Announcements

We will be using this space in an effort to keep you as directors informed of changes and updates to the system.  Any notifications or updates will just be added to the top of this post with the date the update was made.  Please check this space frequently for updates.


  • shopping cart limit for teams was raised from $3000 to $8000.
  • Team Insurance certificates were updated with more detailed and appropriate language regarding additional named insured entities.


  • Roster Approval Emails (Baseball/Fastpitch) were given added data to include more team information (ID, Class, etc) more player information (contact, system info), and manager information (contact).


  • On when a user is created City, State, and Zip Code are now required.


  • Team Created Notification email was updated to send to the current State Director/RMP.  Email code did not specify most recent and so some emails were targeted to old email addresses that were inactive.


  • Due to a security flaw, “Team Management” tools have been removed from  This will not effect the “Team Manager” and “Team Manager2” or any other tools on  You will be able to access those areas for team management.


  • The Printable Version of rosters online will now show all coaches that have a CLEAR background check.


  • USSSA Statures/Points/Billing updated to the new model.  For updates and clarification, please refer to the USSSA Baseball Committee members.

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