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USSSA / GotSport Important Information

Director Phase 1 Approaching Soon!  Click on the link below to review your organization data and the list of directors in your region.  This data review is required before Phase 1 can be initiated.  This review will be better suited on a computer.  



Later this week we will begin Phase 1 of the on-boarding process for GotSport.  This process is being done in three phases as a mechanism to gradually ramp up the interaction and functionality of your director account in GotSport.
The first thing we need to do is review the current account data for you as a director, gather some additional Organizational/Company Data for you, and conduct a review of active directors in your region.
This is being done to ensure that we have correct information in the GotSport system when we hit Phase 1.  As you can imagine after 20 years of system data, things can get a little fuzzy and this provides a fresh review and will allow us to begin new with good, accurate data.
On this link you will find all of this information for review.  If you are not currently logged in to DC2, you might be asked to log-in and then go to this URL.  Once you are logged in, paste this URL in the address bar and you should access this page.  This process is only for RMP directors right now.  After we have reviewed your updates, we will post this to the general public and ask all directors to complete this process.
This page will be used to update your Organization Account, Director Account, and Region Directors (if you are an RMP). This is an initial step to generate the correct accounts in GotSport. There will be additional functions for adding staff and editing permissions for each Region and Organization. We are currently asking you to update the following information:
RMP Organization
  1. Verify the Region Organization name. If you want it changed, email with the current region name and what you would like it changed to.
  2. Verify your Contact Information, all info needs to be updated completely and correctly.
  3. Add your Company EIN or Company Owner Social Security number (for tax purposes) as well as the Company name associated with the EIN (if you have one)
Director Information
Verify your contact information similar to the Organization, update all valid information on the Edit screen.
Directors in my Regions
Below is a list of directors in my Region that have current permissions. Please review the information. For any Organizations/Directors that are not currently active, please click on the Edit button and change their status to Deleted.
For this level, after you as RMP has gone through and verified these accounts, we will push this down to each individual director to complete their own Organization and Director Information.
Staff and Director Accounts
When we go live with Phase 1 of GotSport, you will be able to add Staff/Directors to your Organization. As a reminder there will be no “generic” accounts, and all accounts will be required to be tied to an actual person. If you have any staff that do not currently have their own personal account, you will be able to get an account created for them. There will be a process that will allow you to submit the information as soon as it is active.
Multiple Accounts, Regions, Tournament Companies
We are working to combine all person accounts down to one singular account, all tournament company accounts to be set-up as one singular account. If you are one tournament company that operates in multiple states you will keep this set-up. If you are a director in multiple tournament companies that operate in one or multiple states each of those tournament companies will need to be set-up as individual Organizations. BUT, in this instance, you would only need ONE user account. If you have questions on this or need to create multiple organizations, please email
Just a few quick reminders regarding Director Organization/Accounts:
  1. You will have an ORGANIZATION that you as a director belong to.  You can belong to more than one organization.
  2. RMP (State Office) Organizations are created by HQ and assigned to you.
  3. In Phase 1 you will add staff to your organizations.
  4. All director Accounts must have a person’s First Name and Last Name attached, no generic accounts.  If you work with an Association, Municipality, or a Team/Club that is a director, the ORGANIZATION is the generic account, but the Director attached MUST be a person.
If you have question, please feel free to reach out to  We will answer any questions or updates.  As a reference if you need to access any past information, we have several articles and postings on the homepage of DC2.
If you feel you have a unique business structure with multiple LLCs, different companies for different roles, or special tax requirements, please reach out to me and we can structure your organization to fit exactly what you need.


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