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Director Finances Daily Transactions Project

Just a quick update on the Director Finances Project for everyone. This project will begin public testing very shortly, but this update is to give you a little background and insight into what will be going into this first release.

Primary Focus:  Transition from an invoicing system of tracking to a real-time transaction management tool.  This feature allows all transactions to be compiled in one location allowing a director to have one balance with USSSA and manage all transactions within this singular tool.

Items Included:

  • Team Registrations
  • Officials Registrations
  • Event Sanction Fees
  • Insurance Purchases
  • Payment to and from USSSA HQ
  • Miscellaneous charges and adjustments

Processes Included:

  • Request Payouts from HQ
  • Make Payments on outstanding balances
  • View, Track, and Export transactions
  • See detail and information on every transaction
  • Follow along in real-time for all transactions
  • Create Reports and track transaction processes

New Features to for this project

  • New Team Registration with a new import procedure
  • Update Officials Management tools and new processes for tracking officials
  • Designated person responsible for Officials as a Region Money Person
  • Director Shopping Cart
    • Allows you to pay balances via Credit Card
    • Can now pay for transactions (Team/Officials Registrations, or Insurance Purchases) at the time of the transaction
    • Create teams and save them for later
  • New Director Permissions to make managing your clearances and tasks easier